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  1. SOLIDay 2015 review

    For me this was one of the most expected conferences in 2015. If you just look at the impressive speakers lineup you’ll see that I am right. The aim of this conference was to familiarize the attendees with some of the modern coding design principles. The event was organized by people from PHP Serbia user […]

  2. PHP T-Day 2014 Review

    After visiting conferences in Zurich and Manchester I was very glad to find out that one great event called PHP T-Day will take place in my hometown Belgrade in Serbia. The event was organized by local PHP community called PHP Serbia. Although I am one of the founders of that organization I must admit I […]

  3. Google Code Jam Practice Alien Numbers solved in PHP

    Recently I stumbled upon google code jam practice page, so I wanted to solve some of those challenges using PHP. The one that seemed easy enough to start with was Alien Numbers. Here is the original problem. It’s basically converting numbers from one numeral system to another. Any numeral system can be reproduced in this […]

  4. Flights, airplanes and Google Maps

    Not long ago I was working on an interesting project for a jet charter services company. Part of this project was creating a flight tracker. Flight tracker is a term for a feature where you can enter a code for some flight and see all sorts of info about that flight, such as current velocity, […]

  5. Clearing Magento Model instance

    As we all know, it’s always better to use collections in Magento than to instantiate model inside a loop. Database hit is one of the most expensive operations you can do. You should always try to make one query in order to get the collection and then loop through it’s elements instead of loading and […]

  6. Magento category image widget

    Widgets can be thought of as small applications embedded on a web page. I think this definition could also apply to Magento widget which is a small piece of server side and/or client side code that can be added to a CMS page or a static block. There are many predefined widgets in Magento for […]