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  1. Composition over inheritance in Magento 2

    PHP programming community has evolved a lot since Magento’s first release in 2008. I think that Magento 2 came just in time to catch up with the ongoing programming trends. Magento 1 way One of the common Magento 1 principles that was used in the core, as well as in most of the extensions was […]

  2. Magento 2 hidden dependency refactoring

    Magento 2 is quite a large project as it covers a very broad problem domain. The whole Magento 1 -> Magento 2 switch is a very challenging process so we have to give recognition to Magento 2 development team and their efforts to put everything together. As you probably know, Magento has different modules, some […]

  3. Annotations in Magento 2 integration tests

    I really like automated tests in Magento 2. They make everyone’s life easier and greatly contribute to overall product quality. Integration tests are an important part of Magento 2’s testing suite. Integration testing So far integration tests seem very interesting to me and I think that they make a lot of sense in Magento 2. […]

  4. Magento 2: A simple product feed

    With Magento 2 Merchant Beta release date getting closer, I decided to dedicate some time to explore the current Magento 2 application that is on Github. Now that I had the chance to actually work with Magento 2 I have to say that it is actually a huge step forward from Magento 1 in my […]