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  1. Composition over inheritance in Magento 2

    PHP programming community has evolved a lot since Magento’s first release in 2008. I think that Magento 2 came just in time to catch up with the ongoing programming trends. Magento 1 way One of the common Magento 1 principles that was used in the core, as well as in most of the extensions was […]

  2. Magento 2 hidden dependency refactoring

    Magento 2 is quite a large project as it covers a very broad problem domain. The whole Magento 1 -> Magento 2 switch is a very challenging process so we have to give recognition to Magento 2 development team and their efforts to put everything together. As you probably know, Magento has different modules, some […]

  3. Annotations in Magento 2 integration tests

    I really like automated tests in Magento 2. They make everyone’s life easier and greatly contribute to overall product quality. Integration tests are an important part of Magento 2’s testing suite. Integration testing So far integration tests seem very interesting to me and I think that they make a lot of sense in Magento 2. […]

  4. Mage Titans 2014 Review

    I have just been to my first Magento conference a week ago and another great conference took place just a few days after, this time in Manchester. As there have already been some reviews I will try to focus on interesting points of each talk in this review. The speaker lineup for this event was […]

  5. Meet Magento Switzerland 2014 Review

    I have only been to a few conferences outside of Serbia and those were PHP conferences. Since I have been mostly working with Magento for the last three years, I wanted to give a Magento specific conference a try. The flight to Zurich from Belgrade lasts only one hour and forty minutes so I picked […]

  6. How to use Magento models

    Last time I wrote an article about using Magento helpers. Some of you liked it so I thought it would make sense to write another one, this time about models. The aim is to put some general overview of Magento models and a few thoughts on how to use them. MVC As we all know, […]

  7. How to use Magento helpers

    Whoever worked with Magento probably noticed Magento helpers. Helper is a common element of every module and can be used for different purposes. I will give my thoughts on how Magento helpers should be used and hopefully start a community discussion regarding this topic. So the first thing that’s important when mentioning helpers in Magento […]

  8. Clearing Magento Model instance

    As we all know, it’s always better to use collections in Magento than to instantiate model inside a loop. Database hit is one of the most expensive operations you can do. You should always try to make one query in order to get the collection and then loop through it’s elements instead of loading and […]

  9. Magento category image widget

    Widgets can be thought of as small applications embedded on a web page. I think this definition could also apply to Magento widget which is a small piece of server side and/or client side code that can be added to a CMS page or a static block. There are many predefined widgets in Magento for […]