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  1. Modern Javascript and CSS frameworks are ruining the Web

    The idea of the Semantic Web has been present since 2001. Back at 2006, Tim Berners Lee, widely recognized as the inventor of the World Wide Web came publicly with an initiative that was supposed to make the web a better place. The goal was to form a web of data which would contain elements […]

  2. Google Code Jam Practice Alien Numbers solved in PHP

    Recently I stumbled upon google code jam practice page, so I wanted to solve some of those challenges using PHP. The one that seemed easy enough to start with was Alien Numbers. Here is the original problem. It’s basically converting numbers from one numeral system to another. Any numeral system can be reproduced in this […]

  3. Flights, airplanes and Google Maps

    Not long ago I was working on an interesting project for a jet charter services company. Part of this project was creating a flight tracker. Flight tracker is a term for a feature where you can enter a code for some flight and see all sorts of info about that flight, such as current velocity, […]

  4. Welcome to my blog

    Hi and welcome to my blog :) Ever since I got started with web development I wanted to have my own blog that would be focused on programming. Many times I have been in a situation where I was stuck at some point with project I was working on and usually I could find a […]