1. Annotations in Magento 2 integration tests

    I really like automated tests in Magento 2. They make everyone’s life easier and greatly contribute to overall product quality. Integration tests are an important part of Magento 2’s testing suite. Integration testing So far integration tests seem very interesting to me and I think that they make a lot of sense in Magento 2. […]

  2. Modern Javascript and CSS frameworks are ruining the Web

    The idea of the Semantic Web has been present since 2001. Back at 2006, Tim Berners Lee, widely recognized as the inventor of the World Wide Web came publicly with an initiative that was supposed to make the web a better place. The goal was to form a web of data which would contain elements […]

  3. SOLIDay 2015 review

    For me this was one of the most expected conferences in 2015. If you just look at the impressive speakers lineup you’ll see that I am right. The aim of this conference was to familiarize the attendees with some of the modern coding design principles. The event was organized by people from PHP Serbia user […]

  4. Magento 2: A simple product feed

    With Magento 2 Merchant Beta release date getting closer, I decided to dedicate some time to explore the current Magento 2 application that is on Github. Now that I had the chance to actually work with Magento 2 I have to say that it is actually a huge step forward from Magento 1 in my […]

  5. OroCRM – Creating a simple CRUD (part 2)

    In the first part we covered module creation and index action of our CRUD module. That action was used to show all the records. In this article we will build the functionality that will allow us to update and delete existing records and create new ones. Form class For create and update action we will […]

  6. OroCRM – Creating a simple CRUD (part 1)

    Some time ago I heard about a project called OroCRM. The fact that one of the original Magento creators Yoav Kutner is involved and that it’s based on very popular Symfony2 framework made me follow it’s progress. Since I didn’t have much spare time at that period I was unable to dive deeper into OroCRM. […]

  7. PHP T-Day 2014 Review

    After visiting conferences in Zurich and Manchester I was very glad to find out that one great event called PHP T-Day will take place in my hometown Belgrade in Serbia. The event was organized by local PHP community called PHP Serbia. Although I am one of the founders of that organization I must admit I […]

  8. Mage Titans 2014 Review

    I have just been to my first Magento conference a week ago and another great conference took place just a few days after, this time in Manchester. As there have already been some reviews I will try to focus on interesting points of each talk in this review. The speaker lineup for this event was […]

  9. Meet Magento Switzerland 2014 Review

    I have only been to a few conferences outside of Serbia and those were PHP conferences. Since I have been mostly working with Magento for the last three years, I wanted to give a Magento specific conference a try. The flight to Zurich from Belgrade lasts only one hour and forty minutes so I picked […]

  10. How to use Magento models

    Last time I wrote an article about using Magento helpers. Some of you liked it so I thought it would make sense to write another one, this time about models. The aim is to put some general overview of Magento models and a few thoughts on how to use them. MVC As we all know, […]